Call For Papers

The 12th International CARO Workshop will be held on the 23rd and 24th of May 2018 in Portland, OR, USA (*). The main theme of the workshop will be:

What Lies Beneath

Please remember this is a technical malware workshop, and there will be no ‘corporate’ or marketing papers. The sessions are closed to the media and there is a strict ‘no recording’ policy enforced. The organizers reserve the right to reject participants and speakers if their affiliation cannot be verified as trustworthy. You cannot register at the door. You must be registered and confirmed in advance. The workshop is co-located with the Spring AMTSO meeting that occurs on May 21st and 22nd.


CARO was founded on the principle of exchanging information with trusted partners, so as usual, we are soliciting any papers concerning the workshop’s 2018 topic.

This year, we are seeking presentations with ideas that go beyond detecting and investigating malware and crime. Instead, the workshop is focused on the realization that beneath the visible surface of the Internet and technology in general, there lies a fascinating underworld that is not immediately apparent. We explore “What Lies Beneath.”

Topics can include:

  • Undocumented APIs and Instructions
  • Microcode attacks
  • Firmware
  • The Dark and Deep “Hidden” Web
  • Hidden computing, such as Car Networks, Telcos, ICS, and IoT and the testing thereof
  • Non-IP networks, such as Zigbee and LoraWAN
  • The underground financials

Any topic with relevance to “What Lies Beneath” will be considered. Law enforcement papers are very welcome.

There will be a series of 45- and 20-minute presentations spread over two days.

Submission Details

Extended abstracts are due on 12th March, 2018 6pm PST. Abstracts should be between 200 and 500 words in length and detailed enough to judge the content of the final presentation. At the time of submission, please indicate if your presentation, when the abstract is selected, will be 45 minutes or 20 minutes.

Submit your abstract here: Submission Form for Abstracts

The Call for Papers is now closed! The program will be online shortly!

If accepted, at least one author must be registered to speak as we will not accept proxies.

There is no obligation to submit a final paper or the presentation slides, but if the authors wish to, the papers and presentation will be posted on the CARO 2018 Workshop site.

Waived or Reduced Registration Fees

For each selected abstract, the registration fee will be waived or reduced for the first listed speaker. The complete registration fee will be waived for full presentations (45 minutes), and the first listed speaker for short presentations (20 minutes) will receive a 40% reduction on the registration fee.

More information

Travel information, visa requirements etc. will be published in a few days.

(*) At the end of the CARO 2017 Workshop in Krakow, Poland it was announced that the CARO 2018 Workshop would be held in Austin, TX, USA. Due to unforeseen reasons, the location of the CARO 2018 Workshop has changed to Portland, OR, USA. Details about the venue will follow shortly. Watch the website.